Natural tree

Natural Wood Boards(Deck)

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Features of natural wood by species


    It has a reddish brown color. It is strong against damages by blight and insects and has a strong durability. Its applications are for columns, external decks and interior decoration.


    It has light brown color and a high strength. It is used as natural deck material. Its applications are for apartment, veranda, interior and exterior decoration.


    It has brown or reddish brown color and a high strength. It is strong against moisture and insect pests. Its mechanical properties are strong and durable. Its applications are for flooring or building material for exterior decks, exterior walls, veranda, etc., which require strength and durability.

  • IPE

    Known as the most durable wood, it can be used for a long time as it does not rot or degrade itself. It is the best wood with excellent strength and durability. Its applications are for outdoor deck material, balcony deck material, finishing material for exterior walls and structural material.


    It has light orange or dark brown color. This durable wood with beautiful wood grain is strong against damages by insects.

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