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Ever Deck of Nature
Ever Deck of Nature

Ever Deck's wood plastic composite (combined wood) introduces Recycle System, which recovers and volunteers from waste wood generated by applying state-of-the-art eco-friendly technologies that reduce carbon generation and protect the environment, to residual synthetic wood generated during installation, and strives for coexistence of humans and nature through "LowCarbon Green Growth."

Ever Deck's wood plastic composite (synthetic wood) combines natural wood with a special polymer resin, giving it superior properties to wood-studded incense and wood scent, and is available anywhere from building interior and exterior materials to floor decks, swimming pool floors, children's playgrounds, park benches, hiking trails, and beach walkways, which require no alteration or deformation in construction.

Composite Deck Installation Case

We'll give you the best space anywhere you want.

Features of Ever-Deck Synthetic Wood

The composite wood product of Ever Deck has been certified as an environmental mark with low carbon green growth.

  • Natural Wood

    Soft rings, such as natural wood, make the texture more than wood, and when viewed from the front and rear of the material, there is a difference in shading, resulting in greater visual and aesthetic effects after construction. You can work on curved surfaces and use both sides depending on the characteristics of the front and rear.

  • Waterproofing

    It is resistant to moisture or moisture, and is highly water resistant, especially when in contact with seawater, so it is suitable for deck road and wooden bridge construction in coastal tourism form as well as wetland parks.

  • Aim at Perfection

    A complete, father-to-son system makes construction easy, fast, and accurate, and has the same processing and constructability as wood, making it easy for anyone to construct

  • Maintenance Free

    Due to the high surface strength, there is little concern about material deformation, so there is no need for surface treatment and post-management such as painting or oil stain, so maintenance costs are not required.

  • An Article Ordered

    Domestic manufacturing allows customized production according to the specifications, and any material production can be made by mold when ordering in bulk.

Ever-Deck Production Process

We produce the finest products through rigorous production processes.

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